Listki piorące GreenSun

GreenSun jest rozwijającą się marką detergentów do prania i właśnie wkracza na rynek polski. Jako pionier europejskiego rynku listków piorących oferujemy klientom biznesowym atrakcyjne warunki.

Naszą misją jest uczynienie świata trochę lepszym, stań się jego częścią i skontaktuj się z nami!

GreenSun is revolutionizing the way we do laundry by our innovative and plant-based laundry detergent sheets. It is a zero waste and eco-friendly alternative to take traditional liquid and powder detergents on the market. Take a step towards the greener side of life.

  No mess – The sheets are perfectly dry
  No harmful ingredients – Kind to the skin
  No plastics – Neither in the detergent or the packaging
  Effective and plant based – Just kind ingredients
  Universal – Works fine for all types of fabrics and colors


Washing machine

Step 1: Place all your clothes inside the washing machine
Step 2: Add the laundry sheet on top of your clothes
Step 3: Start the machine

Hand wash

Step 1: Fill a bucket of water
Step 2: Add the laundry sheet into the bucket and stir until it dissolves
Step 3: Hand wash your clothes as usual


Product: GreenSun – Ocean Breeze
Volume: 30 sheets
Weight: 80g
Scent: Perfume

Wool balls are a more eco-friendly choice than traditional chemical laden dryer sheets because with all that bouncing around they do, they actually reduce dryer time. Saving you on time and energy. Compared to traditional dryer sheets, they also last longer, cutting down on single use waste. They also don’t contain any of the chemicals and fragrances found in many dryer sheets. Best yet, once a natural wool dryer ball reaches the end of its life, it takes much less time to decompose than a polyester dryer sheet.


Our sheep wool dryer balls are made of premium quality wool from New Zealand. It’s a smart and energy saving alternative and reduces the drying time significantly.

  Reduces dry time, wrinkles and static
  Saving energy
  Soften your laundry naturally
  No chemicals
  No synthetics and fillers
  Reusable and can last 1000+ loads


Put the wet laundry in the dryer machine and place the wool balls together with the laundry. Press start, and that’s it!


Product: New Zealand Wool Balls
Volume: 3 wool dryer balls in one bag
Weight: 130g